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Welcome to The Art Academy.  Here, is where you could make your dreams come true. From dancing, to singing,..acting. We even have room for musicians, tech wizards and artists. Here, Stars are born and moments like celebration will happen, although, you will be challenged to face many other things like keeping your grades up and balancing acts: We discipline our students. for this is academy is like all the others. But, You must take notice, that when you enroll here, you are no longer, just a teenager, you are a performer. No perfect lives and endings. Join TAA, for the time of your young life.

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    Post  Bethany Driana Cane on Fri Aug 31, 2012 8:55 pm

    Full Name::Bethany Driana Cane
    Birth Date::4-5-95
    Boarding or Day Student?::Boarding
    If you are not aware. Put N/A.
    Dorm System

    Number of roommates::1
    You may have up to 3 roommates
    Single or Doubles?::Doubles
    If it is more than two roommates, put doubles
    What do you look for in a roommate?::I need a nice roommate that will help me when i i'm sad and someone to be my friend

    Contact Information

    Parent or Guardian name::Lisa Cane
    Email or Number::493-5520
    Housing Address::Dorm#29 Shimmer Hall
    Time To shine::Hi i'm Bethany Driana Cane. So.. this is where i suppose to tell you something special about me so i love to sing and dance.*Giggle* I guess you could say that my family has problems. I don't get to see my sister..ever. But my life is good i got a scholarship to come here and show off my talents so that's what i'm going to do.*Sniffs*
    At least one paragraph about yourself.
    I'm 17 years old. I have a little sister she is 16. I never see my dad or my sister. I'm looking forward to this exciting experience at TAA. I love to dance(Hip-hop Ballet,Ballroom dancing,Tap,and freestyle.) I love to read and write. I get along with some people. I have a great personality. *Laughs* Some people tell me i look like a model. But i'm more of a tom boy.I'm thinking of being a professional dancer and book writer.

    Majors In::
    Dance and singing ♥️ Very Happy ♥️

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